Welcome to Cold Castle Corner

I ain’t done shit.

At the beginning of the year, around the 1st birthday of The Corner, I promised all sorts of articles and pages. Well, I apologize, but that didn’t happen. It’s been hectic, and I’ve been lazy. But I have been (sort of) working on them in my head this entire time. Just couldn’t find the motivation to put them onto the site…However, now I have some coffee in me, so let’s see what I can come up with….Stay tuned…


Below, you will find a few recent posts, with more in the menu.  Browse the site at your leisure, and please do not hesitate to comment and email me with any questions or concerns.

Thanks for stopping by!

New Pages:



Clumsy Canoeist


New Posts:

Uncharted 2 Playthrough


Movies: The Sequel

Darksiders 3 Announcement

State of the Corner Address

Standout Albums of 2016

Spark of Energy


Misc Writings:

Latest article for Canoe & Kayak


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